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This horrible weather we've been having can really do some damage to our floors. At our house, we don't really have a "shoeless" home but during this type of weather, that rule is hard and steady! 

To help keep my floors clean and cut down on chores, I keep a basket nea...

Are your spices visible and easily accessible? Try one of these 5 Easy and Inexpensive ways to Organize Your Spices!

Lazy Susans (Turntables) can be so helpful in making the spaces in your home function more efficiently. In this video I show a few of the ways I use them around my own home. Comment below, how do you use them around your home?

Minimize the "Drink Cup Pile Up" Does your family grab a new cup every time they get something to drink? Cut down on your dish washing and your counter clutter with this tip! 

Keeping your kitchen countertops clutter free can be a real challenge.  Here are some tips to help you declutter your kitchen counters and  keep the essentials in arms reach without the visual clutter.

Under the sink organization can be a real pain when trying to work around awkward plumbing. In this case, the plumbing and garbage disposal rendered the entire back half of the cabinet unusable. To gain a little more storage space I used this DIY shelf hack to take adv...

Contrary to what you see on TV, you don’t need to be a candidate for a Hoarders episode to use a Professional Organizer. Even the moderately organized can benefit from these 7 reasons to hire a Professional Organizer.

  • Paper Overwhelm: Even though we are in the digit...

Here's my story on how one simple act led to a lifelong change and helped me get organized for life.

It all started for me when I returned to the workforce after having my third child (yes, I was a little late getting it together and I really don’t know how my first two...

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